Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Green Eggs and Summer Vacation

I am at home.
At home I am.

So are they
At home all day.

Would you take my kids somewhere?
Would you take them here or there?
I cannot take them anywhere.
I cannot make them “Stop!” or “Share!”

Would you take them to YOUR house?
Would you bribe them with a mouse?
Could you put them in a box?
Really, I don’t care about the fox.

Could you, would you in the car?
Take them someplace really far?
Or would you, could you on the train?
Deliver me from this migraine?

Will you, will you, gag my kids?
Or maybe tie them up a bit?
I cannot take them anymore, you see.
They will be the death of me.
I do not like their noise and mess.
Each day I like it less and less.

Wait! What’s that I see?
A back-to-school list came for me?
Oh! If these kids will let me be
I will buy it all, you’ll see.

Say! I can put them in the car
And go to school, it’s not so far.
I can leave them! Leave them there!
Take a walk, breathe fresh air!
I can make them leave my space.
I can enjoy a quiet place.

At home I’ll be.
At home, just me.

They’ll be away,
Away all day.

Then I can miss them lots all day
And hug them ‘cause they went away.
They drive me nuts right now, you know
But off they’ll go to grow and grow.
Then I won’t blink, no, not a whit.
That growing won’t stop, not one little bit.

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