Sunday, September 2, 2012

Welcome to His World

I only have one brother, and I didn't really pay much attention to him when he was five. I had eight-year-old things to do then, and we all know how important those are! (If you don't, ask someone who is eight; they will tell you.)

So I'm really enjoying exploring the world of my almost-five-year-old boy. I mean that literally. He's an introvert, so he enjoys his quiet time in his room after school. Every day, when I finish my work and go get him for snack, he has created a new world. Sometimes it's the solar system, sometimes a park, a train track, a museum, or a town with all of the above.

Solar system--with Pluto that time.

He just recently discovered Transformers--robots? And vehicles? In one? Are you kidding? I thought he might explode. Of course, we have no Transformers as yet, so he made some....

See the green cement mixer and orange bulldozer turned into robots?
And this whole amazing town with the "world's longest water slide" was inspired by a book illustration that showed a lot of people waiting (patiently) in line for said water slide...

See how the line of people in the book (spelling "patience") ends at the start of the slide?
These little glimpses--okay, sometimes they're big glimpses and REALLY hard to walk around--into the complexities of his mind definitely educate me. It's a lot easier to be calm in the face of his frustration when I know how many things he's juggling in that brain of his. (I said easier, not easy!)

I'm glad my little guy can bring some of his world into ours--I like visiting there!

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