Thursday, December 13, 2012

You Be the Judge

In the morning, a wife mentions needing to get her hair cut. During the course of the day, she makes an appointment for said haircut.

Fast forward to five-thirty that night.

Husband says, “Wow. Your hair looks great.”
Wife looks at him blankly, totally surprised.
Husband says, “You got it cut, right?”
Wife says, “No. The appointment’s tomorrow.”
Then it dawns on her…he’d made a mental note to compliment her on her hair, assuming it would be cut that day.

So, does he lose major husband points for not actually looking at her hair and/or not being able to tell the difference between before and after?
Does he win major husband points for remembering what she said all day and taking time to compliment her?

I guess you all know how I feel—I married the big, sweet, oblivious goofball!

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