Friday, March 22, 2013

Mom Friends, Part 2

The Scooby Gang

I talked about newbie moms last time, so this time it only seems right to thank the universe for my Scooby moms.

Yes, I watched Scooby Doo as a kid, enough that I really identify with the person who said they always think of Scooby trying to say “waffle” when they see ROFL.

BUT, in this post, I’m referring to the Scooby gang from BTVS. I’m a longtime, hardcore fan of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, starting with the movie, which was on Cinemax just about 24 hours a day sophomore year in college when we got free Cinemax for some reason. I only watched it once a day or so, which is really quite reasonable for college.

Anyway, I’m a hardcore enough geek/fan to own the sound track to the musical episode of the TV show…and to still listen to it when I’m alone in the car. Just the other day, I thought of some of my mom friends when I heard Buffy and her friends, aka the Scooby gang, sing:

We’ll see it through
That’s what we’re always here to do
And we will walk through the fire…

No, we don’t actually walk through fire. (It just feels like it some days!) Still, I’m lucky enough know some beautiful, wise, warm, wonderful ladies who are definitely bad@ss enough to Slay as needed. And they’re witty. And fashionable. But the thing I really, really, really love about them?

They’re all the kind of people who ALWAYS see things through. If I ask, they answer—even if the answer is, “Yes, that makes your butt look big.” If I talk, they listen. If I’m going nuts, they ask who messed with me, and if I call on my [sisters] when I need a hand, I find that they just [do] understand. (Little shout out to Bill Withers there.)

And if they call, I’m there, too—I’m not always my own biggest fan, but I know that much. I’m a girl of my word.

Like the Scooby Gang on BTVS, my mom gang includes lots of true individuals, folks who are comfy in their own skin, busy being themselves, and lots of fun because of it. I’m constantly amazed and perpetually grateful that I get to share the work of being a mom with these ladies.

And when any number of us get together on a project—or a mom’s night out—well, watch out, world! But I’m going to leave the details up to your imagination, because my loyalty to these ladies makes members of the Fight Club, the KGB, and the mafia look like spineless, loose-lipped weenies with a huge fear of commitment.

I love you, ladies!

And that’s the second thought I throw out to you: Mom friends get it done. Always.

Can we just get a shout out to Joss Whedon, creator of BTVS, here? In addition to his many cool accomplishments, bless him for saying this:

[imitating reporter] So, why do you write these strong female characters?
[as himself] Because you’re still asking me that question.

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