Saturday, July 20, 2013

12,000 Words

 We got off to a rocky start at 6:45--Little A. was far too worn out to appreciate getting up that early. And I think he was a little excited to see his sister!

But we made it to camp and through luggage line in time to enjoy some of Camp Arrowhead's natural beauty, large and small, before finding S.

This little mushroom had dewdrops underneath that the camera couldn't quite get. And we really enjoyed walking the labyrinth. Little A. didn't make all the circuits back out, but it was a beautiful moment.

The little guy entertained himself building a fairy house in this tiny pine tree while we waited for the campers. Then he found a friend while the campers all sang their songs for the parents. They were looking for treasure, I think!

 We found her! We picked up S. and Aunt C., too and then S. dragged us all over, especially to her favorite--the Homestead Swing.

 And we couldn't leave camp without spending a little more store money on rainbow tropical ices.

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