Sunday, May 18, 2014

Slipping Into Summer

This weekend, the house is a mess, we ate terribly, and I’m way behind on my work. This makes me pretty darn happy.

The whole situation sings of the transition from school to summer vacation. As the tide of summer life comes in, the flood of carlines, field trips, homework, packed lunches, early bedtimes, and last minute everythings recedes.

Right now, the porch and deck gleam a fresh white around a newly turquoise pool. We all glow a golden brown from outside chores and a morning at the beach. End of year gifts and notes cluster on the table, ready to give, and we’re choosing books to read aloud on our summer evenings.

Flip flops have joined crocs and school shoes at the door; soon the school shoes will vanish into closets along with backpacks and lunchboxes.

For various reasons, we won’t travel this summer, so the kids and I look forward to setting up a rhythm for our summer days--library day, beach day, splash park day. Sure, we have a few weeks of camp scheduled and, sure, S. will keep on with piano and A. will do tae kwon do, but without the tyranny of the bedtime required for early-rising, spirited school kids, the long summer evenings look luxurious.

Summer is also our time to grow comfortable with the independence the year has brought. I’m looking forward to helping the kids learn and master some new tasks. Not just because Big A. and I need all the help we can get, but because I know the kids will love the freedom that comes from doing things themselves.

So, despite the messy house and current lack of balance, tonight we put the bluegrass on the stereo, cooked up a pot of tomato sauce, and ate on the porch, enjoying the perfect weather at the turn of the seasons.

Soon enough, this transition time will pass into the glorious gifts of summer.

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