Saturday, November 1, 2014

Five Minutes in My Life

Because five minutes is all I have lately. And five minutes is plenty. Multiply that by however many times it takes to get the hours that our kids are awake and you will have an excellent idea of the glorious madness of my life. I’m blessed, truly. I know it.

But sometimes I have to roll my eyes.

So, Little A. had been inside most of the morning and we plan to go to church later. Normally, that would require some serious outdoor running around to pull off, but he’s been tired lately—a week of birthday and Halloween will do that to a guy, you know.

So, I asked, “Little A., how are you feeling? Do you need to run your fidgets out before church?”

Little A. said, “No. I’m fine.”

Then, as I started talking to his sister, I hear from the other room, “Fidget-o, fidget-o, fidget-o!” sung operatically, a la Rossini.

We may need to run outside just a bit before church.

His sister had just finished having watermelon in her lunch for the seventeen billionth day in a row.

I said, “S., we have to find some new fruits for you to eat for lunch.”

Her eyes lit up and she said, ”Peaches!”

I sighed. “Well, peaches are on the dirty dozen, so we should buy organic. They’re hard to find except in season.”

S. smiled triumphantly. “It IS season, Mommy. The parking lot at Publix was full of cars from New York.”

Drum roll, please.

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