Friday, January 15, 2016

Woman v Wild: For the Win

Well, I finished what I set out to do. I’ve cleared everything I can reach along the tree line, invasive weeds on the ground and trees overhead. The larger invasive trees, now visible, will be much easier to clear. We’re planning to take care of them a little at time, so they don’t take over again.

It’s been great for the whole family. Big A. raves about how he never thought we could do so much without professional help, how we have a backyard now, and how our property value has gone up.

We’ve been able to have friends over to play in the yard. We even made an Eeyore house!

Eeyore house with friends!
The kids love the new swing they got for Christmas. In the expanded yard, S. can satisfy a little of her itch to climb and her itch to create with natural materials. Little A. has GLORIED in it—riding his bike down the hill, sledding downhill on a skateboard, whacking sticks on trees, pulling down rotten branches, and generally roaming.

I love all that, but I did it for me.

Learning that—and owning that—is one of the best gifts I’ve received from my time in the woods. Now I know that I don’t always have to assist others. I don’t have to take care of the kids while Big A. does fun stuff. I can do the fun stuff myself. I can dream big and do it. I can be the diva!

I foresee some fun times in the future. I have some fantastic ideas to make real. Look out world!
Looking left.

Looking right.

A little perspective--the bush on the right side of the picture was totally buried in invasive weeds; the pepper branches reached out that far.

All it took to make it happen--a few tools, time, and me!

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