Tuesday, August 30, 2016

A Mother Poem

So I'm collecting some of my poems on the widely varied faces of motherhood to send to a contest. It's always educational to see where I was, how I felt, what I was thinking back when.

I've been thinking of this particular poem recently, anyway. I like it when something I've written comes back to me and I think, Yes, that's it exactly. It gives me hope as a writer!

But more importantly, this poem gave me hope as a mother. The measure of our pain reflects the measure of our love, like a pool of water reflecting the sun. And we all stand in that truth--together.

In a grey twilight arena
I stand
Face up and arms down
The blood of a thousand cuts
To my heart
Pooling at my feet

Clear drops form
And bead and trickle
Down my skin
My arms, my wrists
My fingertips

Morning tears of exhaustion
Course down my body
Chased by midday tears of tension
Meeting tears of evening frustration
And midnight despair

Motherhood flows over me
Rolls off my belly
And down my legs
Sliding silently
To collect on the stone

Ever expanding, ever silent
The current flows
A shock races up me
A light snaps on
My arms rise up

I look left
Fingertip to fingertip
I stand
Recognition sparks

Another mother
Another pool
The same cuts
And toil and tears
And to the right

The connection crackles

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