Friday, September 30, 2016

Saying Yes: Bonus

This silly little example of saying Yes to myself makes me smile.

I have odd hair; it's not really curly, but definitely wavy and frizzy. And, thanks to a thyroid condition, it sometimes falls out.

My favorite styling tool of all time is my beloved red comb for curly hair. It straightens as much of the frizz as can be straightened, without flattening the waves or pulling out extra hair.

Shortly after S. turned one, I got sick. When I got better, I decided to attempt the "I'm taking care of myself even though I have a toddler" thing. So I went go to a fancy hair salon. There, I got a haircut that absolutely required that I blow my hair straight. So I got the Brush of Evil. I hated it, but I stuck to it, religiously maintaining my new cut.

Then...I took S. to my new salon to get her hair cut. Like any toddler, she felt entirely free to say, "No, thank you. I'd rather not have my hair cut today." Actually, she screamed and cried and kicked and squirmed. Then the stylist, trying to physically hold my daughter in the chair, said, "Don't you want your hair cut so you can be pretty for your daddy?"

That's when I said, "Hell, no." I said no to the stylist. No, you are not physically restraining my child. No, you are not teaching my daughter that a haircut makes her pretty or that she should aspire to be "pretty" or calling her father's unconditional love into question to make her do what you want her to do.

I never went back to that salon, but I kept the Brush of Evil for TEN YEARS. I don't know why--I mean, I spent good money on it? It was there? I honestly don't know why. But I kept using it as it dragged all the wave out of my hair--and dragged out my hair!--and the little balls fell off the ends of the bristles until it actually hurt to use.

Guess what? I just said Yes to myself and got rid of that Brush of Evil.

I'm using the red comb now.

PS Now we all go to an AWESOME stylist who loves to hear how we want our hair cut and help us out with that. Let me know if you'd like her info.

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