Friday, July 6, 2012

Warm-Up Blog

Time to get back into the swing of things!

After our two-week trip up north to visit my family, I need to ease myself back into all my routines—including blogging. The simplest little things trip me up right now, like the first time I tried to fasten the dog’s collar. That totally habitual movement managed to escape me in two weeks!

I’m also feeling odd typing at a desk on a keyboard rather than on my phone, and I’ve had the obligatory waking-up-with-NO-idea-where-I-am panics. Of course.

One thing went back on track far more easily than I deserve. Appropriately, my warm-up blog will be about running!

Of course, I had big plans for keeping up my training while traveling. A massive cold complete with laryngitis pretty much killed the first week—and made it really fun to manage the kids!—so I admit it, I gave up. I still managed to lose weight somehow, so I’m now halfway to the weight I want for the Tough Mudder in December. Very good news!

Please don’t ask how I lost weight on vacation—I have no earthly idea. If I knew, I’d patent it and be rich!

But maybe that’s why my first run back this morning went so undeservedly well. I managed three miles in 28 minutes, then did my “chaser” mile with the dog. No, he’s really good. It’s just hard to think of it as a real run when we stop four times in a mile.

So that’s my lower body. My upper body training???? Well, I’m confident in my pull muscles, thanks to hauling boxes for a week, but I think my hard-won beginnings of push muscles have withered away.

Time to drop and give me twenty! Fifteen! Twelve! Six good ones and six halfsies!

…and then I’ll sit down.

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