Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Random Trifecta

So I’m going to be a little random tonight because I’m happy. Why? Because—all by myself—I got all the daily chores done, the dog walked, and the kids in bed by 8pm. Without fussing at all. THAT is a night worth celebrating and I choose to party with randomness.

First random follow-up…

Since I’ve outted my husband as a Downton Abbey watcher, I’ve gotten so much love and support from other couples who watch together. Thank you all for supporting us in our journey!

I’m turning to you all with our latest challenge. Monday night—on his birthday, sweet man—Big A. and I decided to catch up on the last two episodes. We did our usual fun, snarky job of kibitzing our way through last week’s episode. Then, halfway through this week’s episode…he nodded off.

Yep, Big A.’s hardworking ways (or the British accents) caught up with him and he fell asleep IN THE MIDDLE of the latest episode. He slept through the good news, me screaming, “Oh my gosh, she’s going to ____!” and he slept through all the bad news.

Anyone who knows me knows what a challenge I’m facing now. I really want to talk about how THIS is why we’re grateful for certain modern ________ and how it’s about evidence-based _________, not one way being better than another.

And I just want to have a big “OMFG!” moment with him.

Oh, well. We’ll try again this weekend.

Second random follow-up…

So, regarding bad behavior in stores, I really wanted to try some today. Here’s why.

I usually go to the pet food store at mid-morning and it’s usually sleepy-quiet-empty. Today, perhaps, because of season, perhaps because of a bizarre astronomical arrangement, it was HOPPING.

I think nearly every poncey pom in the county got groomed and came to walk be pushed in a cart through the store. I saw at least ten dogs—and even worse, they brought their humans. 

Please picture me in my workout clothes, picking up a thirty-pound bag of Large Dog food and carrying it on my shoulder to the counter. Realize that I stand out like a giraffe on a polar iceberg.

As I wait in line, the dog in the cart in front of me sniffs noses with the dog in the cart coming in the door. The dog in line starts whining as the other dog moves off. The other dog’s humans say, [and I am not exaggerating at all] “Oh, look, pwecious—anudder dog as bootiful as youuuu! Listen, pwecious, baby’s cwying for youuuuu. Awwww!”

I SO wished I had my Large Dog with me at that moment!

And that he actually was scary.

Or at least half as scary as he sounds.

And, finally, I offer you a random poem. I wrote this (or composed it and then worked really hard to remember it until I got near paper) when the kids were wee little ones.

A sticky-fingered mosaicist, I
stealing moments
pasting affinite fragments
into a whole

taking tag-ends of time
to jot, to journal
to think
Ah, to think….

I clutch each slick, slippery subject
slicing my fingertips
on sharp points
but holding on, holding

Until, at last, release!
Pen meets paper
Memory relieved
My notion is noted
My inner artist sated
Poetry set in paper stone

See? Random. I like it.

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