Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Zooming Ahead

Stopping to build a fairy house.

Nearly a year has passed since I first observed our family biking and their various “bike styles.” We took a family ride this week, and very little has changed. Still, it’s amazing to contrast my memories of last year with our recent ride.

Both children have gained, predictably, height, coordination, and confidence. Just looking at their long legs—barely fitting this year instead of barely reaching—makes me feel the passage of time. I concentrate on my pride in their confidence, feeling a twinge of nostalgia for their childish wobbles, then letting it go.

Face it, they’re a lot of fun these days!

A thousand words about Big A.
Little A. has fully embraced his boyness, and shouted happily during the entire ride. He started off shouting the name painted on his bike, “Here comes MAJOR DAMAGE!” When we got to the bumpy sidewalk, he shouted, “Now we’re going on Test Track!” The rest of his joyful noise consisted of that nonstop stream of words, nonwords, and sound effects boys exude.

I’m happy to say that he no longer drifts off road because he glanced at something interesting, but he did wipe out (in a hill of fire ants!) because he was “swerving” too hard.

I tell you, stay off the road in about eleven years! He also drives his remote control car from the other room (ie, without looking) and plays any kind of driving video game by deliberately crashing into walls, obstacles, and other cars. He’s 99.9% accurate, too.

S., always physically strong and confident, tackling challenges headfirst and on her own, has come back to her center. She had a “shy” period in kindergarten and first grade, recovered in second grade, and has now resumed Ruling (or thinking she does) The World. She didn’t even protest if her brother gained on her position in the lead; she just cut him off. ‘Nuff said.

I pedaled contentedly along behind them, marveling at how they raced forward under their own power. I’ve carried them in my arms and in slings, pushed them in strollers and pulled them in wagons, but now… This year starts with a taste of things to come.

My resolution? Enjoy it while I can.

The cow's just there because they're trendy. No, really, this is our neighbor cow. We try to stay on good terms. Can't imagine why!

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