Thursday, August 29, 2013

The Apple of My Eye

The Apple of My Eye

I’ve been meaning to write a little ode to our son—I’ve been meaning to do it for a while now. But today, it had to happen. It had to happen because of this:

Driving home from school, we were talking about the upcoming long weekend and how, on Labor Day, we celebrate people who work.

I work from home, mostly when the kids aren’t around, so logically, Little A. says, “Like Daddy.”

“That’s right.” Easy, reflexive mom response.

Little A. gets his “deep thoughts” face on. “There’s a song on Schoolhouse Rock that celebrates dads…for writing down all the principals’ names.”


I have no resp—OMG, OMG, wait! Does he mean…?

“Do you mean it celebrates the founding fathers for writing down the principles that guide our country?”

Little A. gives me his “duh” voice. “Yeah.”


Little A. gives me his offended voice. “That’s not funny.”

“No, you’re right, sweetie. It’s not. It sure is a tricky song, though.” And we proceeded to talk about founding fathers and principles. And he proceeded to say…

“I KNEW all that.”

Yes, our son is a volatile combination of philosopher and wrecking ball. He thinks deep thoughts and takes things apart to see how they work. He puts his hands on everything, misses the toilet, and keeps up with two adults and a nine-year-old in the humor department.

He’s passionate about anatomy, volcanoes, dinosaurs, vehicles, insects, constructions—really, just about anything that works. If it’s got a “how” to it, he wants to know. He’s physically fearless, as well as agile enough that most of our “watch out—you’ll hurt yourself” warnings fall on deaf ears. He’s addicted to mud puddles and chocolate.

He can put together Lego sets with hundreds of pieces without needing help—and then he cheerfully takes them apart, mixes them with other Legos, and generally loses them in the mess of his room.

He hates to make mistakes and loves to be hugged—when he’s in the mood. His easygoing except when he’s not—or when he’s hungry.

But he’s our boy and we love him!

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