Saturday, August 24, 2013

The Best Day Ever

So, I’ve been working on a deep post about living intentionally. Apparently, life heard about the infamous advice to writers—Show, Don’t Tell!—and decided to take it to heart. I probably will publish that post soon, telling you all about my plans to live intentionally, but here’s what life showed me today.

After being away for a month and then a weekend when I had the flu (long story), we finally made it back to our church this afternoon. Little A. had a rough start, but then he behaved beautifully all through the service, allowing us to enjoy three of my favorite hymns and an inspiring homily.

On the way out, Big A. saw a lot of people he needed to talk to, so the kids and I headed out into the courtyard where they amused themselves, stretching their legs and voices after an hour of good behavior. I soaked in the images of their tall, healthy bodies running across the grass and thought how good life could be.

When Big A. finished up, we decided the kids deserved a treat for their great job at church, so we’d go out to eat. They literally jumped up and down as we told them. Then we started walking briskly back, past the pond, to our car.

“I want to go sit on the bench and look at the pond,” said Little A.

“Oh! Yeah, can we go sit on the bench?” added S.

Big A. and I exchanged glances. It was hot and sticky in the sun and the restaurant was probably developing a wait list as we stood there.

“I don’t know,” said Big A. reluctantly. “We might have to wait for a table.”

Always one to avoid conflict, I suggested, “Why don’t you go sit down, count to three, and then we’ll go?”

“Okay!” the kids chorused as they ran off to the bench facing the pond.

They sat down, completely forgetting the time limit, while Big A. and I admired the beautiful sight of our two growing children in a moment of peace.

“I wish I had a camera.” Neither of us had brought a phone (living intentionally!) so we knew there would be no picture.

“We’ll just have to remember it.”

We didn’t think it could get more perfect than that, but then, apparently out of nowhere, a mama duck and her two babies swam towards the kids. The baby ducks got out of the pond and headed straight for the kids, stopping maybe two feet away.

We all watched in wonder as they waddled around, seeming to put on a show just for us. After a good visit, they started to head back toward the pond, and we called out to the kids.

“Time to go!”

“Say goodbye to the ducks!”

“Goodbye, ducks!” said the kids and—I swear this next bit really happened—one of the ducks said, “Quack!”

We headed back down the path. S. spotted a centipede and, as they bent to examine it, Little A. said, “This is the best day ever! The ducks came so close to us and now there’s a centipede.”

S. said, “Yeah, someday, I’m going to tell my kids about this.”

Message received, life. Thank you!

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