Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Christmas Cooking

I'm not a big cook--I love to bake, but cooking is a horse of a different color. Ahem. Maybe that's the problem....

But this year, I think I got it.

Recipe for Christmas

Start with one heaping bowl of relaxed expectations.

At this point you may decide to add baking 72 dozen gourmet Christmas cookies. If you leave this ingredient out, you will find your Christmas turns out lighter.

Stir in one batch of Ninjabread men, for flavor.

Ordering Christmas cards too late to be included before Christmas goes in the oven may also make the dish lighter.

Let your children rise to the occasion until their excitement bubbles over and you can see their sweetness.

Marinate the entire family in warm, simple memories like caroling, popcorn and movies, nights with with the lights down and the music on.

Knead the ingredients until they come together. When a soft dough forms, bake in love for as long as possible.
Set aside some of the dish for others.


Merry Christmas, everyone!

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