Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Attention, Please

I'd like to increase my readership this year. I love you all, but I want more, More, MORE! <Laughs maniacally>

I'm mostly kidding. But this is supposed to work.

I no I'm an editor, but I would of probably started writing as a career, if I cold find a way to make money at it. Is their any money in writing in the 2010's?

Let me suscribe a seen for you.

Its winter, women hurry by in fir coats. Reefs hang on doors, ready for the holidays. A gentle snow continues on falling. People, rushing bye with presence.

Oh, my word. I cannot do this one second longer. Holy wow, that was hard!

Did it work?

Many thanks to my friend Samantha for posting this where I could find it!