Friday, May 10, 2013

46 Hours

Just a quick post from the (I think) luckiest mom in the world! A typical blonde mistake on my part has become a real treat, thanks to my amazing husband and kids….

As of right this moment, the dishes are done, the dog is walked, the house is neat, our we-never-wanted-them white floors are spotless, our counters are crumbless, the beds freshly made, the towels clean, and every stitch of fabric in the house is clean, folded and put away (except for the clothes on my back).

And all of it will stay that way for 46 hours.


How did this happen? I’ll tell you how: I unwittingly scheduled an editing deadline for Mothers’ Day weekend. Yep.

So my sweet husband turned that oops into a gift—he’s taking the kids to his parents for the weekend. They’ll celebrate with his mom, then come home and have Mothers’ Day dinner with me. And I get 46 magical hours ALONE (with my puppy).

Yes, I’ll be working, but I can sleep when I want, eat when and what I want, in whatever part of the house I want, and I can FINISH MY THOUGHTS. For two whole days. Ho-ly cow.

Of course I will enjoy the heck out of every single second of this experience, but already I can see what’s on the horizon—I will miss them.

The housekeeping perfection is just plain unnatural; the silence unnerving. As I grew up, I dreamed of being a mom, and those dreams included jokes, laughter, hugs, messes, chaos, more laughter, more hugs. There was nothing Martha Stewart or Pinterest-worthy about it. I dreamed of a banged up coffee table witnessing toddler games and elementary projects; I dreamed of walls with dings that tell stories. I dreamed of random objects with bizarre histories stuck behind the sofa.

That dream came true.

This little respite will be just what I needed, my chance to remember my dream and how lucky I am in life. I can’t imagine a better gift.

I hope everyone has a fantastic weekend—may it bring you something you needed!

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