Saturday, May 11, 2013

Mothers' Day 2013

So, this year, Mothers' Day got me writing for S. It's a bit long, but I hope it's a quick read. Happy Mothers' Day to all the wonderful moms out there!

To My Daughter

An army lives in me
A host of women
I have been

A toddler stops in wonder
As a white horse gallops
Through her woods

A dressed-up bride
Beams satisfaction
As the camera clicks

Better late than never
A leggy girl masters
School and her bike

A bookworm spends recess
Jacketless, oblivious to all
A 700-page book on her lap

And passes night drives
Reading by streetlights or
Watching the following moon

A granddaughter sits demure
In a pastel Izod dress
Seen and seldom heard

A wanna-be tomboy rides
Her banana seated bike
Cross country

And belly crawls after
Her brother down ditches
Playing soldier

A mama-to-be names
And nurtures bears, gators
Dogs and guinea pigs

And sometimes siblings
Earning a rep—and cash—
As a go-to sitter

A good girl, a geek
Stumbles her way
Through high school

As gracefully as
An AT-AT on logs
Minus the ewoks

A tender hearted
Girl faces agony
Digs in, holds tight

A small town girl
Gets glimpses of
A bigger, brighter world

A young woman feels
Her power in black boots,
Flannel and cut off jeans

Or builds costumes
In a basement, singing
In crop top and hippie skirt

Or battles classroom frat boys
Over interpretations as
Dust motes float in sun

A battered dreamer
Finds a home in joy
Living in true love

A graduate borrows money
Loads a truck and leaps
To a new town, a new life

A starving artist shares
Hugs, high art, cheap pizza
And drama with friends

A fiancée doubts
--herself, not him—
Reaching for what’s right

Two better halves
Plunge in—new town
New life again

A wife learns equality
In gracious giving and

One of a couple
She embraces the town
Music, friends, fun

A defeated warrior
Tackles martial arts
Learns quiet courage

A hopeful mother’s heart
Germinates, longing
For something bigger

Alone, a new mother
In another new town
Endures, survives

A less-new mother
Revels in joy, in
Sunlight and soap bubbles

A growing mother
Finds her sea legs
Lifts her head, looks around

An athlete comes
Into her own
Tackling obstacles

An organizer
Leaps tall buildings,
Takes a breather

A poet sniffs the air
Yawns, stretches and
Looks around

There are other women, too
Broken women, strong women
Women huddled in the dark

Saying, “How can I?”
But they did, they do
And so I am here

And you are here
They chose and we are

All these women
And hundreds more
Walk with me every day

I hear their voices
Know their minds
Borrow their talents

And every day
I add a sister
To their order

I love the women
I have been since
Your birth, my daughter

I love you
And so I say,
My daughter

Be beautiful women
Strong, fearless, weird
Loving, open, and brave

Be yourself in all
Your infinite capacity
And wonder

The women you are
Will carry you
And lift you up

Grant you wisdom,
Ease your sorrows
And elevate your joys

Be loving women,
My daughter, be women
Who love you


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