Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Silly Kids

One fine day, I thought my most random, silly moment came when Little A. made Delaware for his sister. Yes, he decided to make a project for his sister, cut a shape out of paper, and said, “This looks like a state. Like Delaware.” Thank you, Stack the States. You are a very educational app.

Then he picked out a peach marker and said, “This is the color Delaware usually is.” Well, okay.

So that's pretty silly, right? But then S. came home that afternoon and sent me for another random, silly spin.

S.: “So, today? In Music? We had to listen to songs and draw pictures of what we imagined.”

Me: “That must have been fun for you.”

S.: “So, the first one was ‘Johnny Comes Marching Home’ so I drew a stormy ocean with an octopus playing the violin and crabs playing drums and then I drew a volcano—well, actually, a thermal vent.”

Maybe you don’t find this as funny as I do. Maybe I find it hysterically silly because I live with a rampant budding artist/musician and an insatiable future scientist.

Of course, I also found it hysterically silly when they recorded a video for their song about needing to pee—clearly, that belongs on the album with their first hit, “Do You Like to Balance on Toilets?” I’d post the video they made of “Do You Like to Balance on Toilets?” but there’s a serious lack of pants in it.

For the record, I do like to balance on toilets. It’s much better than failing to balance on toilets.

I’m glad they’re still silly. Aside from the fact that their silliness camouflages my silliness, it means they haven’t entirely grown up yet.

S. has been tackling some big kid challenges lately. She’s learning some important lessons and I’m very proud of her. Little A. is flourishing—he recently got a little CD player and found his first favorite album. Granted, it’s Schoolhouse Rock, but it’s still…jarring…to see him vanish into his room and sing along.

In honor of all that growing up, I’m revisiting the past. May none of us ever forget to be this happy!

For those who don’t speak exhausted, sugar-drunk toddlerese—in this video of his second birthday, Little A. is saying, “Scoop” and “Dump it”—repeatedly.

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