Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Cheesy Love Poem: NPM

I hear it's National Poetry Month, so here's a flashback poem, a glimpse of a very young me falling in love.  Totally cheesy! (Hahahaha--read the poem; you'll get it!) W&L folks who gave blood in the gym at one of the Chi Psi blood drives might recognize a few details.

In all seriousness, though, how lucky am I to have been writing poems about my husband for twenty years now?

Blood and Sandwiches

I went to give blood
The other day and
A sweet old man in
A uniform said
Won’t you have a sandwich
And I said no
I usually end up with
Pimento cheese there
What is

He asked me if
I was living off
(Ungrammatical I know)
And I laughed because
How could I

But they say
Live long enough
You’ll find out
So I lived
And what
Do you know

Three days later
I found you
And me with you
And w*o*w
Funny old guys
In uniforms
Know what
They’re talking about

Let’s get lunch.

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