Tuesday, April 22, 2014

New Life

This Easter, we made a few changes around here. At least, I did. I think I like them.

I didn’t make a to-do list.
Instead, I just did what was in front of me.

I didn’t pull weeds before the kids hunted Easter eggs.
Instead, I’ll crop weeds out of the picture. Maybe. They’re just flowers in the wrong place, after all.

I didn’t spend hours and weep tears of blood over coordinating our outfits.
Instead, we all picked what we liked. Oddly, it all coordinated. Hmmmm.

I didn’t force myself to get everything in my to-do pile done.
Instead, I shoved it all in my desk and shut the doors. I think it actually shrank in there?????

I didn’t go crazy cleaning the house.
Instead, I—actually, the whole family—just didn’t spend time staring critically at the dust. Funny how that worked.

I didn’t spend all Sunday cooking.
Instead, we cooked ahead. We shared some, too. I took a nap on Sunday afternoon.

We didn’t make 17 special holiday desserts.
Instead, we enjoyed a little of the high-quality chocolate the E. B. brought this year, rejoicing in happy stomachs and no piles of dessert going stale.

I didn’t once feel isolated in a whirling vortex of stress while the rest of the family played.
Instead, we all hung out and had fun.

Okay, so we did hustle a little bit to get to early church and I did delete a bunch of pictures off my phone before saving them to the computer, but it was all okay. I guess I just proved that you can teach an old dog new tricks. Hope you all had a Happy Easter!

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