Monday, April 14, 2014

Reason #437

Reasons You Should Never Mess With a Primary Caregiver
Reason #437 -- A Typical Morning

5:15 Wake up
5:30 Run—I won’t tell you how far, ‘cause you’ll know my time stinks
6:10 Take dog out for run
6:40 Make lunches
6:50 Pause to wake up kids, then finish lunches
7:00 Cereal and juice for kids, start bagel and sausage for Little A.’s second breakfast
7:01 S. shows up in “first draft” of her pirate costume for Florida history class
Clearly, she's not happy with it.
7:30 Get Big A. and Little A. out the door
Rummage, search, stress, cajole and tweak pirate costume into “final draft” while simultaneously…
Changing all the towels and starting the washer
Stripping Little A.’s bed
Making our bed
Vacuuming the mounds of dirt in the front hall
Loading the dishwasher
Booting up the computer for work
Supervising piano practice
8:35 Leave house for bus stop, pirate aboard

I have FOURTEEN more hours to go, people! Geesh. But I think the final draft came out great!

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