Tuesday, March 20, 2012

World Poetry Day, Part 1

In honor of World Poetry Day tomorrow, I'm going to walk on the wild side. Yep, I'm posting a poem. I've discovered that parenting and composing poetry can be very compatible. I have tons of time to think deep thoughts and play with imagery--while driving, weeding, doing dishes, waiting for toddlers to Just. Finish. Eating...And when they were babies? Please! Nursing, rocking to sleep, supervising tummy time--poet's paradise.

Writing them down? Well, there's the rub. If I'd managed that, I'd have books full. Complete collected works in four volumes. Needless to say, even the ones I jotted down missed the polishing and perfecting phase. But maybe that's the point--after all, parenting is all about gorgeous imperfections.

Always enamored of the moon
Today she discovered “rocketship”
The rumble of the R
The ocket-pop
Building up to a soaring ship

She launches my fancies
Into the stratosphere
Do I harbor a fledgling
Astronaut here?

Crisis! I want to be,
I need so much to be,
An astronaut—Right now!—
And the best there ever was.

Just in case
My daughter
Needs one.

Role models, rolling maneuvers,
She’ll need them all and
I want to have them, to give them--
But the laws of physics intervene.

In this space-time continuum
I have another place.
And as mother, not pilot,
I hold the greatest gift.

The stomach-dropping gift,
Bought with blood and tears.
The gift of opening my arms
And her eyes

Letting her heart leap
Admiring the soaring flights
Of other women
She’ll want to be “just like.”


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