Wednesday, March 21, 2012

World Poetry Day, Part 2

Since it is now officially World Poetry Day, I officially bring you Part 2 of my celebration of all things poetic. I wrote this little ditty during the year or so that Little A. and I enjoyed daily walks to a construction site. He was between ten and twenty-two months and I carried him in a back carrier most days, so I felt it every time he literally went limp with fascination. I think he had an out-of-body experience each time!

I learned a thing or two from watching trucks with my little guy!

Constructive Zen

Every day I walk:
A loaded chore
A burden, an obligation—
Exercise to me.

To my son,
It’s exaltation,
A Pilgrimmage.
His shining eyes
Miss nothing;
His chubby arm
Flies up
To point out
Each station,
Each waypoint
On our journey.

I spot our goal,
Retention ponds,
Mountains of
Fill dirt for sale.

He sees
Mighty metal beings
At rest.
He waits,
Content, in awe,
Magically responding
To inner knowledge
(or a radio)
An engine engages.
An excavator lowers
Its hydraulic neck.
Opening its maw,
It scoops
Hovering, waiting, until,
Comparatively frisky,
A dump truck
Darts around,
Backing up.
One slow-motion
Scoop at a time,
Its belly fills.

I must help
My son—
Limp, immersed,
He forgets how
To wave
When the driver beeps hello.

Another truckload gone,
Another bulldozer full arrives.
I see no difference
In the pile
But it has


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