Saturday, April 21, 2012

3,000 Words

I've had a lot of reasons to just adore my family this past week--too many to say! So here are three pictures to give you the general idea.

Big A. took these bunnies out to the garage to await storage in the attic. Each morning last week, he surprised the kids by posing them. We laughed the most over this one!

I LOVE this art project. Little A's class read the book, then glued umbrellas to a cloud. The other kids pasted their umbrellas all over, so I asked Little A why he put his all around the edge. "Because umbrellas keep the rain OUT, Mommy."

And our beautiful big girl made her First Communion today. Here she is, thanking her brother for the flowers he gave her. As her Grandma said, "She's as sweet as she is beautiful."

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