Sunday, April 29, 2012

Me and Coffee

Me and Coffee

Let’s just say that, until this year, 2012, there WAS no me and coffee. We were distant acquaintances at best.

My mom drank coffee—a LOT of coffee. I loved the smell. Seriously loved it. But the one time I tried to drink her coffee—a little cold, leftover stuff from the bottom of the pot—I hated it. Go figure. But more on that later.

So I stuck to the occasional soda for my caffeine boosts. Even in college, I could never pull an all-nighter, possibly because of my lack of commitment to caffeine. I’d get tired, drink a Coke, and pass out twenty minutes later.

But in college, I learned something (shocker, I know!). No, really. During one long rehearsal, my directing professor asked me to make a pot of coffee. I made it the way I always made it for my mom and brought it into the theater. He took a sip and, being a theater professor, his reaction left nothing to the imagination. He didn’t quite do a spit-take (we had a brand new theater building), but damn near.

“What did you do to this coffee?”

“I don’t know—I just made it like I do for my mom. I put in eleven scoops for ten cups of water.”

Possibly this explains why I hadn’t liked my mom’s coffee???? Either way, that ended my association with coffee for years. The Starbucks revolution rolled on without me. Motherhood caused lots of sleep deprivation, but I managed with the odd cup of tea or two. Fast-forward to about a year ago, when two irresistible forces began to act on my immovable resistance to coffee-commitment.

One, I tripled my editing workload. I’m not just working some afternoons, evenings, and weekends now, but working all of them. And late evenings. I couldn’t spend 10+ minutes waiting every time I wanted a cup of tea—in an editing marathon, if I need a cup of tea every hour in a forty-hour weekend, that’s four hundred lost minutes. You can make coffee faster and by the pot. Plus, the tea just wasn’t working.

Two, some weird craving overtook me. I’ve always loved dark chocolate, but suddenly I couldn’t get it dark enough. I wanted something more bitter, with more strength to it. I wanted something that tasted like coffee smelled.

Always caffeine-commitment-phobic, I didn’t know where to start. My sister suggested mocha as my gateway drink. I liked it just fine, but if I tried to pull off an edit on Starbucks café mochas—well, I’d probably use up my fee. Time to take it a step further. I needed to buy a coffee maker.

Like anyone afraid of committing, I invested as little as possible. I bought a Brew-n-Go drip coffee maker, which makes 16 ounces. Then I had to find coffee. I tried a couple of different brands and roasts, but nothing hit home until I found my true love: Pilon Espresso Coffee. We’re in love, me and coffee!

Mind you, despite my Cuban paramour, I’m still probably a lukewarm lover. The directions say to use one tablespoon of grounds per demitasse cup. Yeah…no. I use about a tablespoon and a half for the whole 16 ounces. But at least I’m faithful--I haven't flirted with another brand yet!

And, when I do sit down, I sure appreciate a warm, strong, steamy…cup of coffee.

Yes, I will be drinking more coffee tonight as I wrap up an editing project. It’s date night for me and coffee!

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