Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Story Snack Day

Story Snack Day

So, S. has been begging me to do Story Snack all year. This involves reading a book to her class and serving a related snack. I read The Lorax, one of my favorite-favorite read-aloud books, and brought in some semi-exotic fruits to try. I think she had fun, but the whole afternoon was a roller coaster. 

Once again, I learned a lot, including yet another lesson in humility.

I learned that, when you bring food to school at 2:30 in the afternoon, you should keep your hands out of the feeding area or you may draw back a bloody stump. Yikes.

I learned what happens when you give acai berry juice to a bunch of southern kids:
“Oh, this tastes like sweet tea!”

I also learned what 7 out of 13 kids think fresh coconut water (milk?) tastes like--

I still wonder when, where, and how they tasted coffee, but that sure would explain a lot. They were all probably left alone in one of those stores that threatens to give unattended children a triple espresso and a puppy.

General Bad Idea of the Day

Today, I learned that, no matter how tight your schedule is, do NOT schedule a meeting with a mom
  • That requires you both to concentrate on a computer
  •  Is immediately after school
  • And requires two seven-year-olds and two four-year-olds to ‘play’
If you must have such a misguided attempt at a meeting, I learned that you should
  • Force them to eat something healthy first, preferably with tryptophan
  • NOT have a half dozen toy eggs made out of wood
  • HAVE a video, trampoline, and rubber room

After Action Report
Mom: Did you have fun at Story Snack, S.?

S: Yes!

Mom: So I didn’t embarrass you?

S: No, it wasn’t like ‘Gray Squirrel’ or anything.

Mom (a little surprised by this turn): Well, first of all, ‘Gray Squirrel’ is a camp song—not appropriate for school. But why was it embarrassing when I sang it on the overnight?

S: Oh, it’s just that…well, some of the moves surprised me.

Mom: What do you mean? The gray squirrels have to swish their bushy tails.

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