Thursday, May 10, 2012

By the Numbers

Well, it sure looks like this little old blog will have 1,000 hits some time soon.

I am, surprisingly, at a loss for words, so I think I’ll turn this one over to the kids. Let’s hear what they have to say about numbers.

S. developed a knack for figures early on. We took a quiz for a local magazine and one of the questions was, “How old is your mom?” She said, “I dunno. Really old. Fourteen?”

Yep, she really knows how to spin the numbers.

Little A. has a profound respect for size. Everything in his life is 100 or a million. And the only measurement of time is “for-EVer.” So I get protesting comments like
“You make me clean up my room one hundred times!”
“I can’t eat those peas. Those are a million peas!”
Not to mention
“You haven’t taken us to the library in for-EVer.”

On the bright side, we agree on one of the three—I have made him clean up his room AT LEAST one hundred times. And it’s still not sticking somehow. I’m guessing the magic number must be a million.
I’m pretty tickled about our thousand clicks together. I’m looking forward to sharing more musings with you. Thank you!

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