Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Love Is

A few of the millions of endings to this sentence--

Love is…channeling Martha Stewart to turn some of your husband’s cute, stripey old t-shirts with breast pockets into huggable pillows for your children.

Love is…nurturing your daughter’s insatiable passion for crafting.

Love is…expressing wonder and delight when she turns six inches of narrow ribbon into a one-inch knot called a “caterpillar.”

Love is…expressing wonder and delight over the thirty-seventh caterpillar, too.

Love is…praising her generosity when she makes some for her brother.

Love is…exclaiming over his cleverness when he tucks said caterpillars into bed in the breast pocket of the t-shirt pillows.

Love is…stripping his bed and washing EVERYTHING when the extent of his latest mishap cannot be determined.

Love is…schlepping piles of wet bedding from washer to dryer.

Love is…seeing a teeny flash of caterpillar green go by between handfuls of heavy, wet bedding.

Love is…digging back through the wet laundry for the (now half inch long) caterpillar.

Love is…watching his face as he tucks the caterpillar into the new nest his sister created for him.

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