Monday, June 4, 2012


This blog is called, “Hmmmm”--as in, “things that make me go hmmmm.” So just from that you know I’m old. And this is, in fact, going to be one of those blogs about life in our modern world.

For example, I ponder one comparison at least once a month. I have come to no conclusions, but about once a month I notice that one of our neighbors puts a TV out for trash collection. And nearly every single one of those TVs is both newer and bigger than the one we use. Hmmmm….

A family in our neighborhood grows the most gorgeous fruits and vegetables. They even had a banana tree until two years of hard freezes took it out. But, because of our HOA, they have to disguise their produce production behind a huge hibiscus hedge. They grow their greens in little square beds around the base of the fruit trees, and train their vines up poles on the inside of the hedge, creating the illusion that it might be more decorative than useful landscaping.

So now what happens? I often see people walking their dogs—or just walking by—and peeping through the hedge to get a glimpse of the hidden, forbidden garden. Hmmmm…

If you read the blog, you know that we really enjoy living so close to Disney World. I think Big A. enjoys reliving his childhood memories of the Magic Kingdom. The kids enjoy a place designed purely to entertain and delight them. But what I enjoy, and what I think all of us love, is that it’s a place where we do nothing but hang out with each other.

No activities, deadlines, phones, chores, or restrictions of any kind. In Disney World, we plan our next moves together, but don’t think much beyond that. We point things out to each other, laugh together, squeeze into rides together, and generally just share time. To be honest, I’m really looking forward to our two nights on the autotrain this summer for just that reason—I won’t be ABLE to do anything other than hang out with my family.

So, amusement parks and cross-country train travel=quality family time. Hmmmm…

I'm sure all of this says something about our modern life. Whatever it is, I'm listening.

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