Wednesday, June 13, 2012

I Run

I am a runner again!

Not quite a year ago, I went to the outlets and bought myself a new pair of running shoes that l loved. They had it all—light with a slim profile and a little extra spring in the heel. And, after six weeks, they clearly didn’t do anything good for my knees.

Life got busy as I kicked myself and saved my pennies, and I told myself I really didn’t need running. I absolutely love my Moms Get Fit class at Red Tiger Martial Arts—it’s like a combination of a mom’s night out and an awesomely impossible, effective workout. And it’s three times a week! So, yes, I got by fine.

But last week I went to the real running store and got a pair of shoes that work for me. They’re nothing I would have picked—the soles seem like boats to me, they’re turquoise (!), and much less streamlined than my usual. But…they’re like a country club for my feet!

The first thing I did when I left the store? I ran a mile. After a grueling one-hour workout. At midday. In Florida. In June. I LOVED IT!

But you know what I learned all over again today? No matter how good a mile is, longer is better.

I remembered a few other happy things, like running before dawn in Florida in summer is a good reason to keep your chin tucked and mouth shut! Bugs, people. Small flying insects everywhere. I also rediscovered the way good ideas pop into my head effortlessly, the serenity that accompanies me through my day, and the often-imitated-but-never-duplicated calorie burn that allows me MORE FOOD FUN today!

I’ve also found a phenomenal training tool—our dog. After my longer run, I took him out for a mile around the neighborhood with four stops for…well, duh. An amazing aid to interval training, he has two speeds: Bassett Hound (nose fixed to the ground; not to be moved without heavy machinery) and Border Collie (chasing sheep down a Welsh hill; hopefully not crowding my ankles).

Actually, he’s learned not to herd humans and he’s now one of the best dogs I’ve known when it comes to staying at heel. It’s still fun to give him a long leash and race him. Yeah, he won, but guess who’s all pumped up now and who’s napping on the floor? Wait, that kind of sounds like a win, too…

What moved running back to the top of my to-do list? Well, more on this later, but here’s a hint: I will be doing this on December 1.

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