Thursday, November 29, 2012

Tough Mudder, Final Countdown Pt 3

TM Minus 8
Hard to drag myself out of bed today—the run looked awfully boring from the start. So, in true TM fashion, I turned it into warm up, sprint/walks, and cool down. Not so dull! Plus, I LOVE my Nike DriFit pants. 

TM Minus 7
I love a good distance run the day after sprints! I think I made 4.9 miles, but it’s hard to say because I’m out of town. Thoughts from my run:

  • People should not smoke, cook breakfast, or use smelly yard tools until I’m finished running. Really.
  • People should listen to their dogs. The dogs know I’m coming a block and a half away. The people at the other end of the leash still jump when I say, “Behind you.”
  • Say, “Hi!” for Pete’s sake! If I have breath to do it, so do you.

Yep, this time next week I will be waiting at the starting line. One thing I know for sure: I could not have made it without my team. Proof of that—when I was running today, I thought of the start and the mud and the obstacles and I felt myself slow down. I shook my head, thought of my rockin’ ladies, and suddenly I felt light, strong, fast.

Then I got the best reward ever. When we got home, Little A. vanished into his room and started his usual building spree. Instead of a construction site, museum, or racetrack, he built a Tough Mudder course for his cars. He even made a fire obstacle out of four wooden slices of birthday cake with wooden candles velcroed on top.

With one friend’s little girl toddling around our Moms Get Fit class, imitating our exercises like all our kids have done, I often hope we’re setting a good example for our daughters. But I’m realizing that we’re making an impression on our sons, too.

TM Minus 6
Did my first ever Insanity workout today—Max Interval. And I burned six hundred calories, but feel fine. We’ve got that sh*t!

I’ve about decided allergies are causing my sleeping issues, muscle fatigue, and low-grade fever—it all got better in Naples. (Yes, even 100 miles away, Naples has entirely different plants.) Not much to do about that, but at least I’ve been training with it all fall!

TM Minus 5
Wow! Got a little nervous about the cold this morning. I went NUMB out there! Then checked the temperature—40 degrees! Forecast low for Friday/Saturday is 57. Huge difference. Huge.

Here’s another thing I’m grateful for—today was our last day of painful, muscle-building workouts. We’re doing maintenance and aerobic stuff from here on out. Of course, that’s only four days….yipes.

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