Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Best of...Valentine Outtakes

We usually try to email a picture of the kids to our family on Valentine's Day. Sometimes the outtakes are better than the real pictures. So here are my faves from past years, and a few of this year's best/worst. Feel free to vote for 2012's Best/Worst.

Best/Worst of 2008

This is the weirdest sign I've seen in the three months I've lived!

Best/Worst of 2009
Mom! He's eating it!

Best/Worst of 2010
Get off of me!

Best/Worst of 2011
No, turn it around. No, the other way!

And the 2012 Nominees are....

A: So you want me to...what? S: I said, stop talking so she can take the picture.

A: The monkey is where? S: Mom. You had to know that wouldn't work.

We're TRY-ing!

That's the last one, right? Right?

On reflection, they're getting kind of civilized. Oh, no--this doesn't mean they're growing up, does it???

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