Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Mom Word: Priduilt

Priduilt \ˈprīdilt\

The combination of pride and guilt parents feel when a child steps up and does a new, adult task amazingly well. It involves awe for their perception, generosity, and skill, yet regret that the task lay there, undone.

For example, I felt priduilt when I came back from walking the dog this morning to find that S. had dressed herself, set the table, dressed her brother, and was FOLDING A BASKET OF LAUNDRY.

Okay, this morning I overslept (happens maybe twice a year) and was running a half hour late. Not a big deal—we have extra room in the morning schedule, and I knew I could make it up. So S. is just an amazingly generous kid, right? This doesn’t involve me failing to be the adult, the anchor, the rock, the secure base for my children to count on, right? Right?

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