Tuesday, January 24, 2012

12 Hours of Random, 8am to 8pm

Morning random
While discussing Toy Story 3, it became clear that the children do not get the Fisher Price phone.

   A: All the toys in the movie talk.

   S: But not the phone--he doesn't talk. He makes his voice come out of the other part.

   Me: Well, that IS how he talks. He's a phone. [Blank stares. I age visibly in 1.2 seconds.] That's the way phones used to be. You talked into the bottom of the other part, and heard someone out of the top. But you had to be attached by the cord. [More blank stares.] The phone had to be plugged into a wire in the wall. You couldn't walk around.

    S: [Eyes light up.] Oh! That's why they had those phones in boxes on the side of stores and stuff.

   Me: Yes. That's why they had payphones. [Mutters unintelligibly about spending childhood talking to people who remember not having electricity and NEVER thinking she'd be the one explaining sh*t like that....]

Random acts of kindness
I'm pretty proud of myself for getting through this monumental day, and for letting my awesome friends help me out. So Thank You! to the sweet friend who delivered her donation to my door, and to the sweet friends who got it where it needed to go. And to the sweet folks who got me the gift I needed, and to--yes, I'll say it--thank you to McD's. We sure appreciated that!

Evening Random
Picking S. up from church, we learn that the lessons taught there do have an effect.
   S: Tonight, we had to make a list of good choices and bad choices. I put telling the truth for a good choice and telling lies for a bad choice.

  Me: [Pleased, but a little on autopilot.] That's great, sweetie. I'm glad you put that first. You know, if you tell the truth, we can fix anything.

  S: [Clearly impatient.] Yeah, so, Mom? One time, when Daddy was here and you weren't, I didn't eat my sandwich and I hid it in my room.

   Me: Oh. Well, that wasn't so great. What did you do with it?

   S: What do you mean?

  Me: What happened to the sandwich?

  S: It's moldy bread.

  Me: It's still there????

  S: Yes.

  Me: When did this happen?

  S: Kindergarten.

But give me credit--we all burst into giggles at that point. What else can you do? And, yes, the TWO-YEAR-OLD sandwich is now in the can at the curb, thank you very much.

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  1. HAHAHAHAHA!! that made me laugh out loud. hahahaha.