Saturday, January 14, 2012

Domestic Duties Day

Walk dog Enjoy romp with dog; beam when he does a perfect recall
Breakfast with kids
Wingman for the Girl Scout selling cookies
Send kids to car wash with dad
Send mom to bank branch for hard copies of checks [victory!]
Assess laundry situation
Try peanut butter for sticker residue on school shirts
Wash white Girl Scout shirt; offer thanks for washable glitter glue
MINI-GOLF and LUNCH OUT—woo hoo!
Sit down
Catch up on emails
Deliver S. to sleepover
Scrape peanut butter off school shirts; treat for grease stains
Wash school shirts
Enjoy brief respite from seven-year-old’s  constant chatter
Listen to quiet four-year-old’s suddenly constant chatter
Have reasonable dinner without S., world’s slowest eater
Watch A. warp time/space continuum, taking an hour to eat four nuggets and five carrots
Have a pleasant bath and bedtime, giving A. lots of attention
Use mad motivational skills (honed over years with S.) to get A. to bed--before we retire /start drinking /try primal scream therapy
Consider buying Go the F**k to Sleep
Sit down
Treat school shirts for greasy sticker residue
Pass out with face in book

1 comment:

  1. The more I read about your days, the more I realize that life without kids actually has strikingly similar moments. My unglorious moment of the day was using nail polish remover to try to get tape residue off some glass in a frame. I tipped over the nail polish remover onto a wood table. Then had to try to reverse what the nail polish remover did to the wood table. Not so successful. I'm going to pass out in a book now!