Sunday, January 29, 2012

Weekend Superlatives

Best Tour Guide: Big A., hands down. He has that place WIRED!

Best “Awww!” Moment: Spontaneous sibling hug in line for lunch at Pecos Bill’s.

Best BAD Analogy: Big A., for comparing squeezing his legs into the teacup ride to giving birth.

Best Sheer Entertainment: La Nouba. It rocks!

Best Alternate Use of a T-shirt: Curvaceous lady wearing child’s t-shirt that says “Judge me by my SIZE, do you?” (Emphasis added by word’s position on said curvaceous lady.)

Best Place to Spot Parents Napping: The Tiki Room (Spaceship Earth comes in second).

Best Way to Kill Flirtatious Banter: “Are you blushing? Wow—that reminds me of when you were young!”

Best Facial Expression: Big A. for his face when, after weeks of telling me they don’t do cots at Pop Century, after weeks of insisting we could only get a Pack-N-Play, after two nights of NOT SLEEPING AT ALL, he spotted housekeeping taking a cot out of another room--priceless.

Best Inadvertent Branding: Little A. now believes that Disney World alone has magical Disney toilets—you know, the ones that flush when you get up.

Best Stereotypical Sex Noises: People in Room 1310. Yes, we were in 1312.

Best Restaurant Birthday Cakes: The Mouse House. WDW makes the cake!

Best Random Style Reporter Imitation: (and no, we don’t watch any of that) Little A., for “Ducks out; Ice cream in!” as we did, in fact, stop looking at ducks to go search for ice cream.

Best Ride: I love Test Track!

Best Revised Song Lyrics: S., for “Happy Birthday to you, You’re twenty times two, Happy Birthday, dear Daddy, And we love you, too.”

Best Thing About This Trip: The kids are young enough to love everything and old enough that we had no stroller, no diapers, no accidents, no changes of clothes, and they ate and slept as needed (mostly).

Even Better Than the Best Thing: Family fun celebrating one of the greatest guys I know!

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