Friday, January 13, 2012

Start a Blog

6am walk dog
Feed dog, get breakfast, make lunches
Get kids up and dressed
Review spelling words
Kids to school
Call mom
Work out
...and then I'll sit down
Try to walk mom through online banking (bang head repeatedly)
Work on fundraiser
Pick up little A. from preschool
Make lunch, clean up lunch
...and then I'll sit down
Sign mom up for online banking
Get lost in banking juggernaut's circular online security
Pick up S. from school
Buy materials for school sewing project
,,,and then I'll sit down
Send mom out to local bank branch (pray she remembers why)
Try to use partial information mom got to log her into online banking
Throw computer against wall
Have big A. take us all out for pizza :-)
Start a blog
...and then I'll sit down
Sort Box Tops for Education --->get beer and watch Burn Notice!


  1. Love it! Fascinating! We should all write something like this and compare. How different things are For one, I get to sit down! In fact, I was sitting down in my office desk chair 90 minutes after everyone left and the cleaning lady came in and said, "Are you married...??" I knew what she was getting it!

  2. You are married! I was at your...reception! But I truly believe this is the new face of blogging--the format the busy modern woman can embrace :-)