Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The Roller Coaster

TYPE to-do list; feeling infallible today—huzzah!
Send hubby off to jury duty—boo. hiss.
Great booths at the Girl Scout booth lottery—huzzah!
Field fundraising phone calls—getting it done!
Resolve that thing that’s been bugging me—boo.hiss--> huzzah!
Take a deep breath
Send mom to the bank again (fingers crossed)—wait for it, wait for it...
Call contractor (toes crossed, too)—wait for it, wait for it…
Lunch celebrating hubby’s release from jury duty—huzzah!
Take contractor’s call; they start tomorrow—huzzah!
Must empty pantry tonight—boo. hiss.
Answer emails—getting it done!
And then I'll sit down
Work—fun/hard/funny/hard…ack. Gotta go!
Carline and craft materials hand off—check!
Got client’s beautiful book in the mail—huzzah!
Cranky kids—boo.hiss.
And then I'll sit down play trains with little A.
S. piano lesson (went great)—huzzah!
Answer phone calls and handle randomness—         [speechless]
Fun dinner—huzzah!
Non-confrontational bedtime—huzzah!
Emptying pantry….ugh.
8:40 Leave it to A. and go to work—huzzah! ugh. accounting.
Sit down—huzzah! Do math—boo.hiss.
Wake up when husband rescues laptop sliding toward lapside….

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