Monday, January 23, 2012

And Now We Are Seven

First of all, let's just say that, for a seven-year-old, S. can be very philosophical. She loves the Narnia books and deep conversations. She also can run roughshod over her brother, her friends and anyone less strong-willed. 

So the object of this conversation, begun at a quiet, casual moment, is to gently re-introduce the idea that other people have feelings, too--feelings that might be different than hers, but equally valid. I expected her to have an egocentric world view, but this conversation was so textbook age-appropriate....

Mom: Why do you think you're here, S.? Why were you born? Why are you alive?

S: Because God wanted someone like me around.

Mom: Why am I on this earth?

S: To take care of me.

Mom: Why is your brother here?

S: Because God wanted me to have a brother.

Mom: Why are your friends here?

S. Because God wanted us to be friends.

Mom: Hmmm. Do you notice anything about your answers? What is the same about all of them?

S: They're all about what God wants?

We got there eventually--I saw the deep thoughts forming!

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